Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit™, a roller coaster attraction at Universal Studios Florida™, is a thrilling ride experience with a large non-inverted loop, a treble clef-shaped track and a spiraling, negative-gravity maneuver. Guests board the ride vehicle and select their choice of music to play during the experience by using a touchpad mounted to each lapbar. The project also included a new bandshell with a large open area for viewing concerts. Universal’s top priority for the project was on-time delivery, specifically for the bandshell scope, which would open to prior to the coaster as the first part of a phased turnover.

Preparing the bandshell site for construction required the PCL team to reroute existing utilities including 1,200 linear feet of welded steel chilled water lines, 800 linear feet of firelines, 500 linear feet of potable water and 600 linear feet of sanitary as well as significant amounts of new storm lines, new gas mains and new irrigation mains. The actual site conditions did not match the owner’s as-builts, which resulted in the bandshell construction starting three months later than the team had anticipated, after rerouting the existing utilities. Despite this setback, PCL expedited the construction schedule, completing the bandshell in just 89 days, down from the 189 days initially allotted for construction. With PCL’s commitment to on time delivery for the client, the bandshell was completed in time for guests to enjoy the Mardi Gras concert series.

PCL’s overall scope of work also included a load/unload facility, queue space, maintenance facilities, photo capture, roller coaster support facilities and two new kiosks for food and retail sales. Additional components included ride foundations, MEP services for the coaster, and the relocation of existing utilities and structures to accommodate the coaster location. PCL self-performed the demolition, cast-in place concrete, temporary wood site fencing, excavation, backfill and installation of doors and hardware. 

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