The transformation of NEOMA is a testament to HomeSpace Society and its continued legacy of providing safe, affordable living spaces for vulnerable Calgarians.

HomeSpace partnered with Inn from the Cold, a charitable organization offering shelter to those in need, to convert Sierra Place, the original 10-storey office building, into low-income housing. Complete with 82 suites and two floors dedicated to assisted living, this building provides a safe and accessible shelter for over one hundred families, specifically single mothers with children.

PCL was responsible for the interior demolition and refurbishment of the existing office space and a complete restoration of the south and east curtain walls. While this may seem like a straightforward restoration, the project had its challenges, one of them being site logistics.

The original building was constructed in the 1950s, right to the property line. Surrounded by an LRT station, a major roadway and a private parking lot, site access was limited to one shared ally.

While maintaining the client’s budget and timelines, PCL ensured that neighboring property owners had access to their buildings and that the work did not impact their businesses. To achieve this, thorough coordination and scheduling were required for all aspects of the project, including envelope demolition and supply deliveries.

PCL’s Job Site Resourcing software, a cloud-based platform, was implemented and utilized to its full extent to schedule all deliveries and ensure seamless material loading on site.

The scheduling platform drastically reduced congestion on the project site, enabled the team to complete all deliveries from multiple trades, eliminated delivery conflicts and created an efficient flow of materials into the project site. Additionally, creating an organized calendar for upcoming deliveries with JSR enabled the project team to coordinate overhead swing stage work around deliveries safely.

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