The Hyla Flue Gas Scrubber and WESP System is designed to separate harmful gases from valuable energy sources and minimize the emissions associated with steam generators.

With a reputation in the central valley of California for building and designing gas desulfurization systems, PCL was asked to design and build this sulfur dioxide scrubber system as a turnkey solution for a gas burning steam generator.

The team installed alloy 20 ductwork and gas diverter valves, two packed tower wet scrubbers, a wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP), induced draft blower, interconnecting stainless steel ductwork, a vent stack, process pumps, and chemical supply and spent tanks. We also performed the field fabrication and installation of all interconnecting carbon steel and 316L stainless steel process piping, as well as erected a structural steel pipe rack, supports and various platforms and ladders.

Located in a coastal community where the oil field is not popular, we worked with the client and focused on an environmentally conscious design. PCL designed the system to prevent pollutants and to clean the exhaust gas to practically water vapor. We maintained a clean environment with minimal impact to the community. 

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