The Isabel Holmes bridge is an important feature of North Carolina’s transportation network and provides the necessary link between the City of Wilmington, Leland and the surrounding communities. PCL’s Special Projects division was awarded a bridge preservation contract, which included structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural and utility improvements, while ensuring minimal disruptions to the traveling public. As an expert contractor in movable bridges, PCL’s team worked closely with the Department of Transportation and the designer to optimize traffic control plans allowing for daily, full-traffic access to the bridge while construction continued.

PCL also used our solution provider mentality to solve the challenges that arose such as the installation of submarine cable. While the cable was only permitted to be installed in two months, outside of an in-water Atlantic sturgeon work moratorium, the team revised the layout of the cable in order to minimize the material lead time as well as the time allotted to complete the work within this critical schedule.

With over 30,000 work hours performed, PCL’s team allowed for the safe and reliable movement of people and goods throughout the entire construction process, providing the communities of North Carolina a sturdy, dependable bridge for years to come. 

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