As one of the largest hotel markets in the U.S., Orlando has experienced one of the highest rates of demand growth in the nation while enjoying record high occupancy levels for upper-priced hotel properties. The JW Marriott at Bonnet Creek provides guests of Orlando’s hot hospitality market with a new luxury resort and spa property that accommodates visitors in 516 units including a variety of guestrooms and suites.

In constructing the exquisite property, we leveraged the latest construction technologies to ensure a high degree of accuracy in the project planning and execution. Throughout the project, we regularly flew a drone over the site to record the project’s progression. This information was processed using Esri Site Scan to create a highly detailed 3D map of the site depicting elevations accurate down to one inch. Data from the drone flight was processed in just a few hours. We leveraged the 3D site map to better plan and communicate the project’s logistics, with the ability to depict distances and areas within the site with a greater degree of precision than traditional 2D imagery can allow. 

While completing the build-out of the resort’s 516 guestroom units, our use of 360-degree photography and StructionSite software was a perfect tool for enhancing quality control. We uploaded the floor plan for each level of guestrooms within StructionSite and tagged the 360-degree imagery captured for each room to its respective room on the floor plan. This created a virtual timeline of construction progress within each room. Using a tablet device, the team was able to compare the 360-degree photography to the current condition of each room in real time, which also allowed the team the ability to virtually see within walls to verify work in place. Armed with the most detailed information throughout the planning and construction of the project, we delivered the resort to meet the exceptional level of quality expected by the client.

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