Sophisticated and elegant, the JW Marriott Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort enchants guests with a Balinese-inspired grand entrance, fine-dining Ario restaurant and casual main-dining Maia restaurant, among countless other luxurious amenities. When tasked with renovating the 62,000 square foot space, one luxury was not afforded to the PCL project team: time. A resort shutdown of 90 days left the team with just 78 working days to accommodate this substantial renovation and deliver a high-quality, on-time project to the client.

The fast-track nature of the project meant that challenges needed to be quickly overcome with innovative solutions. The redesign of the resort’s porte cochere, which sat atop an elevated structure directly above the main kitchen, required the construction team to add structural reinforcements to support additional landscaping. During demolition of the existing kitchen, it was discovered that, to reinforce the concrete structure from the underside as planned, mechanical, electrical and plumping (MEP) would need to be relocated, with costs exceeding $250,000 and schedule delays of roughly four to five weeks. The team suggested using upturn concrete beams at the porte cochere slab in lieu of structural steel in the main kitchen. The landscaping design was adjusted, and the upturn beams were installed above the existing structural slab in the planter area, preventing any MEP relocation and delays in the kitchen. The impact to the project schedule was minimized, and we accelerated the landscaping trade contractor to compensate for the loss time. The team was proactive in anticipating and solving the project’s challenges, which allowed for the fast-track project to be delivered on-time while meeting the client’s quality expectations. 

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