K+S Potash is a multinational company based in Saskatchewan that has been mining and processing potash and salt for over 125 years. K+S looked to expand through the construction of a one-story storage building at the Pacific Coast Terminals port facility in Port Moody, British Columbia.  

This project serves as an important link for the company’s potash products arriving by rail from their Saskatchewan-based mine. K+S needed this new facility to store and transfer product to vessels destined for international clients. 

We managed the design-build precast concrete foundations and tunnels, and this had to be coordinated with the owner’s glulam timber and steel structural design. The glulam design consultants were in Alberta, the structural steel design consultants were in Ontario and we needed to fast-track our precast design to stay on schedule. We didn’t have time to meet face to face or virtually to organize a collaborative design approach with each consultant. Instead we developed a 3D model of all the structural elements and linked them to a schedule. This kept everyone on the same page and up to date with project deliverables.  

The construction of a new storage facility on the west coast is a large expansion for K+S Potash. The expansion will enable the company to receive, store, offload and ship potash to their international clients more efficiently than their competitors. 

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