Calgary Transit needed to upgrade the service conditions of six Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations and platforms in daily use. They had a fixed funding source and were looking for a contractor that could provide schedule and cost surety. The phased design and tendering process involved awarding more than 75 agreements to trade contractors and suppliers, a number more typical for project of twice the size.

The station refurbishments enhance safety, security and aesthetics and include upgrades to more than what meets the eye. In addition to wall and floor finishes, benches, signage and interior furnishings, the team also upgraded mechanical and electrical systems.

Demolition revealed that the building structure and its mechanical and electrical components had deteriorated significantly. We led initiatives to address these unanticipated challenges and worked with Calgary Transit and their design and engineering consultants to replace or repair malfunctioning equipment and rebuild structures where necessary. Riders and LRT infrastructure experienced very little service disruption during construction.

These improvements extend the life of the stations for years to come and ensure The City of Calgary can continue to serve its nearly 105 million passengers annually.  

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