The Luna Energy Facility is a grassroots 600-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant consisting of a 2 x 1 combined cycle power block. The power block utilizes two GE 7FA Gas Turbines, two Aalborg Pioneer GT8 Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), and a GE D11 Steam Turbine.

Based on previous successful experiences together, the client selected PCL as the general contractor to build this project while they provided the engineering and procurement services. The turnkey construction scope of work encompassed all facets of the construction, and the PCL project team self-performed the earthwork, concrete foundations, structural, mechanical equipment installation, piping, and electrical/instrumentation.

PCL’s construction included the installation of approximately 80,000 lineal feet of piping, and the installation of over 600 pieces of equipment. Erection of the Aalborg HRSGs included 14 modules of tube bundles.

After completing 48% of the construction, work was stopped due to weak market conditions for merchant power. Nearly three years later, the new owner contracted PCL to restart construction and complete the project. The restarted construction scope encompassed updated technology for both the combustion turbines and the HRSGs, in addition to the balance of construction. The PCL team completed the project on a fasttrack schedule with zero lost-time incidents and a total recordable incident rate of 0.00. PCL achieved the desired commercial operation date for the client and enabled them to utilize this new generating plant to supply power to their customers.

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