This new Mattawa Plains Compound provides infrastructure that enables the Department of National Defence to meet the long-term requirements of the Canadian Forces at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa.

The new facility for the highly-trained armed forces personnel of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) includes a main administration building, four separate structures to house Direct Action companies, a warehouse, guardhouse, repair workshops and vehicle storage, and a specially designed firearms range that is the first of its kind in Canada. The 10-building complex on the Mattawa Plains replaces existing CSOR facilities, which are currently scattered across nearly 40 older buildings across the base. The project will increase the organization's collaboration and efficiency.

Security is understandably strict on a military base; this project had more than normal security protocols due to much of the design and construction being classified at the secret level. An integrated PCL security team accommodated the Government of Canada’s complex security requirements through careful screening and selection of subcontractors and careful site logistics management throughout construction.

The turnkey handover to the Department of National Defence allows the department to meet its long-term operational requirements with the Canadian Armed Forces sooner than would have been possible under a staggered approach. 

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