The North Slave Correction Facility (NSCF) is built to house approximately 180 inmates and is operated on an indirect supervision approach. The complex focuses on the healing and program aspect of rehabilitation rather than the standard institutional approach. We chose construction materials and colors to help facilitate a quiet, peaceful and healing environment.

The NSCF consists of four buildings built in two phases. Phase one included building a young offender's facility, a recreation and services building and a boiler building. Phase two included housing, maximum security, general cell blocks, special needs areas and administration offices. 

The project presented many challenges, including the site’s location, which was once an old rock quarry. Due to the uneven surface, the foundations for the new facilities were scribed and doweled to the rock surface.

In addition, to achieve optimal winter heating, fast track construction was required. We planned and implemented a multi-tender schedule to accommodate the fast-tracked project. Thirteen different tender packages were prepared and coordinated to ensure continuity of construction. Due to all these efforts, the NSCF was opened on time and under budget. 

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