Circulating dry scrubbers. Pulse jet fabric filters. Lime hydration equipment. FGD waste-handling. Byproduct recycling. These are just some of the measures it took to reduce emissions at the coal-fired Oklahoma Gas & Electric Sooner plant.

PCL was engaged to install all that as well as storage and transfer equipment, new ductwork and fans and more as part of an air quality control system for two 570 MW units on the Sooner site. The work required installation of over 5,500 tons of structural steel, over 6,800 tons of ductwork, 86,000 linear feet of pipe and over 287 miles of cable. After completion of the Sooner units, PCL delivered to OGE a cleaner burning plant with 90% less sulfur dioxide, 75% less nitrogen oxide and 40% less carbon dioxide emissions.

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