Supporting one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, the Orlando International Airport services more than 49 million passengers a year. Having completed more than a dozen previous projects at the airport, the team was eager to take on the main ticket halls renovation and modifications project, which included new check-in-area telecommunications and infrastructure improvements to the landside terminal facilities in one of the airport’s most high-traffic, guest facing areas.  

During the ticket lobby renovations, the team noticed that dust and insulation materials were reacting to temperature increases by giving off a noticeable smell hours after hot work scopes like welding had been done. A thermal imaging camera, in conjunction with BIM 360 software was used to identify the heat signature of the area where hot work was being performed. This technology allowed the team to carefully track the temperature on site, to ensure the hot work area returned to a maximum temperature under 100°F within one hour of work being performed. If the temperature remained too hot, the team would either cool the insulation material by spraying it with water or remove it to prevent detection of unpleasant smells by airport staff and travelers.

The completed ticket hall expansion provides new self-assisted counters under skylights and curbside check-in counters under new canopies, making the check-in process more convenient and comfortable for travelers. New interior finishes and upgraded systems and signage both create a welcoming entry and increase the functionality of the ticket halls on the third level of the terminal. 

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