The timeline for design, permitting, procurement and construction on the Oxy Compressor Station 1C project was just a tight 14 months, which required a number of schedule-compressing measures from the PCL team.

To start, we worked with engineers during the design process of this compressor station that would increase gas handling capacity and overall oil production at the Elk Hills oil field. Our team consulted on piping design to avoid dimension conflicts and routing issues during the construction phase, allowing for less rework and fewer design changes later.

We also undertook an integrated civil, mechanical and electrical schedule to ensure on-time commissioning, start-up and turnover, and provided coordination between the owners CSI and Spec Services, another stakeholder.

The project also featured some tricky technical elements, including an innovative design with a unique combination of two 2000-horsepower vacuum screw compressors and two 2500-horsepower high-pressure reciprocating compressors, as well as gas coolers, a gas dehydration system and associated separators and utilities. 

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