The Sweeney Oil Refinery processes heavy, high-sulfur crude oil and light, low-sulfur crude oil into gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Phillips 66 required updates to its plant to ensure fuel produced met newly implemented regulations requiring all U.S. fuels contain no more than 10 parts-per-million of sulfur on an annual average basis.

Racing against the regulation implementation date, PCL constructed a 60,000 barrel-per-day gasoline hydrotreater, installed 13.8 kilovolts of electrical feeders from the modified substation and completed a combination of greenfield and brownfield work on the site. The team utilized a night shift and select overtime to reduce the number of workers in the area and ensure the project was completed on time despite the small footprint for construction. With no laydown space available, PCL cycled trailers in and out of the site and installed materials directly from the trailer. Through detailed pre-planning and world-class systems specifically designed for industrial work, the project team overcame the complicated logistics without compromising on the build schedule. 

The plant updates were completed on time and before the specified deadline for Tier 3 implementation, ensuring the refinery is in full compliance EPA environmental guidelines. The Sweeney Oil Refinery now meets the EPA’s third round of government-regulated action on refineries.

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