One of the busiest cruise ports in the world, Port Canaveral can accommodate as many as 4.5 million cruise passengers in a single year. The Canaveral Port Authority maintains relationships with some of the world’s largest and most successful cruise operators, including Disney Cruise Line, which has sailed from the port for more than twenty years. To continue to accommodate this important client, the Canaveral Port Authority completed updates to the existing terminal, hiring PCL as the construction manager to complete the scope of work. The upgrades allow Disney to base three ships at the port year-round while providing enhanced services for passengers.

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic impact, completing the project within a comfortable budget was a top priority for the Canaveral Port Authority. While completing the rough-in for electrical/IT infrastructure, PCL was tasked with assisting both Disney Cruise Line and the Canaveral Port Authority as well as the design team and two trade partners with delineating differences in scopes and costs for three separate drawing sets to reduce redundancies and control costs. We were provided an 80% drawing set, 100% drawing set and a conformed set of drawings with multiples changes to the IT/Communications scope of work for the terminal. Based on these changes, the overall pricing was overbudget. The owner needed PCL to manage the value engineering process, get approval of final pricing and keep the trades moving in the field.

PCL facilitated weekly page flip workshops with the owner, design team, electrician, and IT contractor to identify required components to make systems work to the client’s needs. Through these workshops, PCL eliminated expendable scopes of work resulting in reduction of cost, making the schedule more manageable and ultimately maintaining the trade’s momentum in the field. By removing redundancies in equipment and scope, PCL cut $500,000 down to $150,000, a significant cost savings for the owner.

PCL’s additional scope of work for the project included a new exterior canopy, new drop off canopy, new parking lot, new luggage handling pathways, hardscape, landscape, and signage. Interior IT infrastructure upgrades included the removal of all cabling and installation of new fiber optics, and three Wi-Fi systems to provide service for Disney, the Port, and the cruise ships. In addition, PCL self-performed some scopes including housekeeping, temporary protection, temporary hording, and installation of specialties.  

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