The Province House is filled with layers of history and several unique gems. The first special feature is the development’s large portico columns. Made from stone, this historic find was just the beginning of the stone uncovered throughout the project. We also revealed a crypt, an underground room/vault and a hand carved stone with a face on it. 

Stone excavation, conservation and masonry continues at Province House, as it is one of the largest project components. We predict to replace approximately 1,600 exterior stones throughout construction. 

The building’s age lends itself to a few interior features that were malfunctioning, like the dated smoke detectors. These outdated smoke detectors posed a safety concern and had the potential to impact evacuation and construction schedules. To keep construction progressing, we decommissioned the existing system and installed a temporary standpipe. In the meantime, we are working with a fire protection engineer on a more permanent safety system.

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