The search for diamonds is never easy; in fact, between the dirt, the dust and the off-the-beaten-path locales, it’s often pretty rough. We teamed up with Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc. to bring their shiny dreams to reality. The project included the installation of a crucial test-scale diamond crush and recovery plant.

Our team joined the project two months after the start date; however, we still completed the project on its original deadlines, including installation of the project’s sea container units.

Our lean execution plan allowed us to go above-and-beyond Rio Tinto’s expectations and provide a finished product with zero work-related incidents. 

Even though the project marked the first partnership with Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc., a great bond was forged between their team and ours. To increase camaraderie and teamwork, PCL staff arranged for a volleyball tournament among the project’s various contractors and subcontractors, resulting in PCL’s first ever project-related song, performed by our very own superintendent.

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