The 25,000 square-foot River Cree Resort and Casino expansion delivered an improved guest experience in a mere eight months. The expansion created space for 14 gaming tables, 400 slot machines, two restaurants and a larger kitchen improving the overall guest experience. Installation of a state-of the-art HVAC system provided the new space named Embers, to allow smoking and the greater part of the River Cree to remain smoke-free. 

To keep tobacco smoke within the areas of origination and minimize the transfer of smoke to the surrounding spaces, the gaming environment was constructed with sealed walls and a negatively pressurized environment. The air supply works with the natural buoyancy of tobacco smoke to help push the smoke upward while fresh air is circulated at the floor level. The smoke-filled air is not recycled into the space, as it is expelled through the ceiling. This innovative functionality keeps the air exceptionally clean. 

In addition to the initial project scope, our teams added custom walnut panels, back-lit stone feature walls, and a custom chandelier to meet River Cree’s vision for the new space. An expanded count room accommodates for the resort and casino’s future increased business as a result of the expansion.  

Close collaboration with the River Cree team and trade contractors resulted in flawless execution, delivery of a vibrant new space with exceptional finish standards and repeat work with the client.  

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