The new Signature Flight Support Corporate Headquarters puts the aviation company’s 300-plus local employees in the Lake Nona Town Center Office Building II. Inside, the office occupies the building’s 6th floor and creates a superior work environment with an abundance of natural light and collaborative and ergonomic workspaces. As a truly state-of-the-art business environment, the Signature Flight Support Corporate Headquarters set the firm up for the future, with spaces that enable employees to drive their business forward to better serve the aviation community.

To meet the client’s desired five-month timeline, the fast-track project was completed utilizing most weekends and extended hours throughout the week. The project was broken out into four quadrants to accommodate the installation of furniture, fixtures, equipment, and lighting.

One of the subcontractors hired directly by Signature was responsible for the installation of demountable partitions in the space. To place the partitions, the ceiling grid and carpet needed to be installed first and we sequenced elements of the project schedule not to delay the owner’s demountable partition subcontractor. The team’s dedication to meeting the project’s aggressive schedule allowed the Signature team to move into their expertly finished building on their desired timeline.

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