Extracting heavy-oil reserves since the 1890s, Chevron’s California Coalinga field is one of the oldest in the nation. To demonstrate a clean and cost-effective recovery method, Chevron contracted BrightSource to provide its proprietary technology to build a 29-megawatt thermal solar-to-steam facility, the largest of its kind in the world. The project uses more than 7,600 mirrors to focus the sun’s energy onto the solar boiler, which produces steam that is injected into the ground to increase oil production.

Through a competitive bid process, BrightSource selected PCL as their contractor to erect the structural steel tower and solar-powered boiler. Due to the complexity of the project, safety performance was a key factor in the selection process. Constructing the vertical structural steel tower and solar boiler 327 feet in the air required extensive planning and a solid safety plan. PCL was awarded the project based upon existing project controls systems, an outstanding safety record, a flawless reputation and an impressive breadth of experience.

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