Hawaii Pacific Health’s Straub Medical Center has been a leader in patient-centered care for nearly 100 years. Nordic PCL’s Special Projects division worked with Straub to build out a 16,000-square-foot family clinic and urgent care in Kapolei. The new facility offers a wide variety of health care services including general check-ups and adult and pediatric specialties. It houses 35 treatment rooms, offices, conference rooms, waiting rooms, an X-ray room and laboratory.

Technology and innovation were well-incorporated throughout the entire project and include the use of BIM 360 and 3D scanning. During the preconstruction survey of the existing facility, the Special Projects division discovered deficiencies in the shell construction. Through 3D laser scanning, we identified deficiencies prior to mobilization. Early identification allowed the contractor of the shell to make timely repairs and eliminated potential cost or work impacts on the project.  Laser scanning and 3D modeling also facilitated a flawless installation of the complex entry feature stairs and ensured the X-ray machine would fit. The innovative uses of technology were shared with the workforce to gain buy-in and enabled them to visualize the final product.  

Collaborating with stakeholders throughout the design and construction process helped everyone to share in the vision and deliver a successful health care facility to the residents of Kapolei.  

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