The complex renovation of downtown Calgary’s The Edison office tower changed the height and position of two floors, upgraded the façade and improved the building for current and prospective tenants.

The design differed substantially from the as-built structure on-site. We worked diligently with the consultants to thoroughly audit the building and revise the design. Upon discovering the existing columns were not built as initially outlined, we surveyed the structure to determine the condition of each column and reengineer the structural reinforcing. 

The renovation included installation of a cantilever staircase and removal of half the second floor. This second-floor concrete slab acted as a lateral support for the 30-story tower, so we engineered and installed a temporary shoring unit to fully support the horizontal force. The temporary reshoring extended down to the bottom level of the parking structure and structurally reinforced the tower columns that were carrying the 30-story building.

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