To help the Town of Gillam meet its water needs, we are helping design and construct a new water treatment plant. The water treatment plant will extract raw water from Stephens Lake, treat it to produce potable water and transport the treated water to the town’s existing distribution system. The treated water will meet the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality and the Manitoba Drinking Water Safety Act. The project includes discharging filter-to-waste water back to Stephens Lake and conveying the wastewater to the town’s existing wastewater collection system.

The project consists of several distinct components including dual raw water intake lines, a water treatment plant complete with raw water pump well and pumping, filter-to-waste discharge out fall, dual delivery (recirculating and heat) pipelines from the water treatment plant and connecting into the town's existing water distribution system and low pressure sewer service line from water treatment plant connecting into the town's existing sewer system.

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