Gayley Heights Apartments at UCLA started with a bold proclamation from the university: that someday, guaranteed housing would be offered for all students at a time when none of the University of California campuses could claim as much. Thus, the seed was planted for Gayley Heights, a high-rise residence building on the UCLA campus with two towers, one extending 17 floors. The design for Gayley Heights specified two-story tall windows to deemphasize the building’s height in keeping with the aesthetic of the surrounding community of Westwood. 

PCL’s trade partners understood the magnitude of the seismic and waterproofing issues. Project Management worked with a building envelope engineering specialist and SME to obtain the continuity of the air barrier and moisture barrier while accommodating the anticipated movements to maintain the warranty requirements and achieve the required technical performance. Moreover, the framing detail went into redesign so that it could accommodate the required 3” movement using an alternative membrane.

Table-top mock-ups were then constructed to communicate the solutions to the consultants and clients. After several design reviews and an in-place mock-up, a solution was agreed upon. Several conditions were then water-tested to validate the design. These solutions resolved the concerns about the exterior design and most importantly kept the project moving in a forward direction without taking any steps back. PCL was thankful to have these trusted SMEs as a resource in our extended family. As a result of the collaboration, the project was delivered to the owner’s satisfaction and our position as a trusted advisor was bolstered.

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