The UCLA Levering Terrace Apartments are constructed in the heart of Westwood and border the university. The project focused on demolishing an existing university-owned building and redeveloping the site into a modern apartment complex with 42 two-bedroom apartments and at-grade parking in the heart of Los Angeles’ thriving Westwood neighborhood. The project achieved a LEED Gold NC.

The complex includes 42 units with a total of 216 beds, as well as a roof deck, common laundry areas, and service parking. While the project site is within the UCLA campus boundary it is also in the North Westwood Village Specific Plan area of the City of Los Angeles. Therefore, early on, PCL worked with the architect to create a design consistent with the owner's objectives while taking into consideration the architectural character and context of the North Westwood Village area. 

The site is also part of UCLA’s new “Bridge Zone”, located directly across the street from UCLA's Gayley Heights Apartments, also built by PCL. Both buildings sit at the confluence of three major thoroughfares, meaning traffic patterns could potentially restrict student travel and collaboration. So, PCL integrated the new buildings into this dense area by creating pedestrian connections through the sites – the “Bridge Zone” – bringing students together and connecting them to each other and to the campus proper.  For Levering Terrace, PCL also harnessed access to the bridges through egress stairs on the north side as a shortcut, routed through an alley at the back of the building.

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