Construction of the world's largest wind tower manufacturing facility required the expertise and experience of a contractor with a proven track record of completing large, fast-tracked projects. Located on a 350-acre site, the project consisted of 650,000 square feet of manufacturing and administrative office space including a 400,000-square-foot production facility. Additional scope included a 140,000-square-foot surface treatment building, 43,000-square-foot internals building, an administration building, and an external crane yard. The facility has a production capacity to fabricate 1,100 standard wind turbine towers and process over 200,000 tons of steel annually, which is enough steel to build two bridges the size of the Golden Gate or 28 Eiffel Towers per year. 

Speed to market was critical for this client. Despite construction taking place during a harsh Colorado winter, PCL was able to turn over 140,000 square feet of the production facility building in just under six months. An additional 140,000 square feet were completed each month thereafter until all manufacturing buildings were finished in just over 10 months!

To meet such aggressive milestones, PCL worked collaboratively with the owner and subcontractors to re-sequence work when design-related issues arose. Due to the project’s remote location and the limited amount of local craft labor, multiple subcontractors were utilized for the same scope of work for different buildings to allow for concurrent construction across the campus.

The project was not only a fast project, but also safe one. At the height of the project, more than 450 workers were onsite daily. More than 600,000 labor hours were completed without a lost time injury. 

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