The Wacker Polysilicon Plant in Charleston, Tennessee is one of the largest producers in North America of hyperpure polysilicon, which is used in electronics and solar panels. The greenfield site boasted a total investment of nearly $2.5 billion and represented Wacker’s largest investment in its infrastructure when the plant went onstream in 2019.

PCL’s scope of work on the project included the Silanes section of the plant, with 9 subprojects spread across 14 buildings on site, representing the single largest portion of the production facility.

Our team was responsible for the mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation procurement and installation for all the plant’s major process areas. We built and installed the areas of the plant for the distillation, generation and recovery of hydrochloric acid; hydrogen recovery; carbon monosulfide reaction and more. In total, we installed 500,000 linear feet of piping and 4,000,000 linear feet of electrical cable. Our work also included mechanical equipment setting, structural steel erection, instrumentation installation, and the management of subcontract activities for paint, insulation, scaffolding, HVAC, safety showers, lightning protection, fiber optics, and hi-pot testing.

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