Located on Windsor International Airport property, the Windsor Solar energy project features more than 190,000 photovoltaic modules supported by more than 5,000 racks and 20,000 helical piles.  

Our engineering and project management team reduced the site’s footprint from 300 acres to 260 acres to improve on-site cost efficiencies. This enabled the team to reduce the number of inverters and inverter stations needed without reducing the facility’s capacity, greatly improving the project’s financial performance.  

Our modular construction team self-performed the manufacturing of the helical piles and prefabricated the site’s operations and maintenance building at its off-site manufacturing facility. This reduced the overall cost of the foundations and ensured the delivery of quality project material. 

Inconsistent levels of on-site security service challenged us to find a cost-effective security solution. Our solution was UCIT Online Security, hi-tech, IP-based, live-video monitored surveillance systems. Monitored by a Canadian business, this solution saved 40% on the security budget and provided additional tools to help manage risk and mitigate liability. The system also offered a solar-powered solution that ran continually without a charge, which allowed for placement flexibility and strategic relocation of the units as construction progressed across the large site. 

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