YYC Calgary International Airport’s new east deicing apron centralizes deicing operations to deice more planes quicker and efficiently. The project relocated deicing from the gates to a centralized concrete pad the size of six football fields. The apron can accommodate a dozen aircraft at once.

We were chosen to complete the apron based on YYC's prior positive experience working with the team and our relationship built on trust, reliability, accountability and a terrific team atmosphere.

Construction was completed during one summer construction season, in time for deicing in the fall of 2019. We implemented a phased tendering approach that allowed construction to begin while some areas of the design were underway.

The apron is made of reduced-carbon concrete, where recycled carbon is injected into the concrete to increase strength and reduce carbon emissions. Each cubic meter of concrete made this way saves 16 kilograms of carbon emissions, on average. This is a first-time application of CarbonCure Technologies concrete in pavement in Canada and was very successful.

YYC deiced more than 8,000 aircraft on the new apron during its first winter season of operation. The centralized pad increases aircraft throughput times, relieves gate congestion and reduces delays. The project demonstrates that a team can meet even the most aggressive schedule commitments with careful planning and precision execution.

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