The Glycol Treatment Facility at YYC Calgary International Airport collects, stores and treats glycol-contaminated storm water from deicing operations on the new international terminal. The project is divided into two greenfield sites. The north site houses a below-grade, cast-in-place diversion chamber and pump station; electrical skid; and back-up generator. The south consists of the retention pond; below-grade, cast-in-place influent lift station; aerated gravel beds; and blower building.

The client’s top priority was to achieve substantial performance with an operating facility by October 31, 2016, in time for the opening of the new international terminal. The team completed the project on- time but also under budget.

Additional work involved the construction of a small building to enclose the previously built McCall Way pump station. The building featured monorail hoists for maintenance of the pumps and an advanced gas-detection system. HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems were also installed in the building.

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