How does PURE Portal differ from other similar products on the market? 

  • PURE Portal utilizes FAR UV light, which is safe for human exposure, as its specific wavelength cannot reach living cells.
  • FAR UV light is 1,000 times more effective at deactivating  99.9% of pathogens compared to UV-C light.
  • The light technology is sustainable for approximatly 3.5 years of continuous use, equal to 30,000 hours of bulb life.

Why is PCL, a construction company, building PURE Portal?

  • Our culture is safety driven and we take a safety-first approach. We focus on building stronger, safer and better communities, so this solution came naturally.

Does PURE Portal contain radiation?

  • This is not a radioactive device. PURE Portal is certified by the Environtmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What items can be put in the machine?

  • PURE Portal is intended for items such as baskets and grocery carts, but will disinfect the surfaces of any item.

What are the product specifications?

  • PURE Portal requries 750 watts of power and uses a standard 110 volt plug. It's a plug and play method!

Who is responsible for maintenance and product repairs?

  • Our dedicated teams across North America can assist with service inquiries.