The hallmark of CM is the opportunity for early engagement of our preconstruction experts who collaborate to optimize value by developing construction methods, materials and solutions that result in quality enhancements, serviceability and improved life cycle. We apply our knowledge of construction costs, schedule and market trends to ensure the project is executed on budget, while minimizing risk associated with incomplete scope of work. Under CM, all project costs are typically reimbursable.

As design builder, we own the risk for both design and construction of your project, based on prescribed Project-Specific Output Specifications. DB is highly collaborative as the full project team comes together early in design. Combined expertise drives value to design and construction outcomes, effectively mitigating the risk of scope and cost escalation. DB ensures cost effective, quality facilities typically delivered on reduced schedules as construction can begin prior to design completion.

This rigorous project delivery method transfers risk to entities that, as an integrated ‘project company’, are best placed to manage risk, namely: financiers, developers, contractors, consultants and operators. The public sector can transfer operating, maintenance, construction, financing and schedule risk from taxpayers to the private sector enabling quality on time/on budget, fast-track project delivery. As risk owners, the project company, in turn, receives a long-term commitment of revenue. PCL Investments is our development and equity investment entity and oversees consortium leadership, strategy, bid development, commercial structuring, arrangement of project financing and, for projects that require it, equity investment. 

Complex industrial-scale project clients prefer the EPC method when they want a single entity to deliver a turn-key project. PCL has put in place 2 Giga Watts of utility-scale solar field projects under the EPC model wherein we perform and manage all project engineering, procurement and construction activities with an engineering firm. We build a collaborative working relationship, founded on mutual respect and appreciation among all disciplines, to realize a shared commitment to project goals. 

A collaborative approach to delivering projects, IPD requires early involvement of owners, designers, builders and key stakeholders. This results in greater transparency and integration of resources, optimizes value, reduces waste and maximizes efficiency through all phases.