Major cruise lines implementing Pure sanitization process to reduce possibility of SARS-CoV-2

Edmonton, Alberta (April 19, 2022) – PCL Construction is pleased to announce that our Pure Products Far-UV Solutions division has partnered with Scootaround, the largest provider of cruise mobility rentals in the United States, to introduce Pure Vehicle Sanitization, a process that sanitizes mobility scooters prior to every rental. Scootaround services nearly 50 major ports throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe, and these enhanced hygiene procedures align with the industry’s commitment to COVID-19 mitigation as travelers return to cruising.

Here's how Pure Vehicle Sanitization from Scootaround works: mobility devices are loaded into their moblity delivery vehicles which have been retrofitted with a PCL Pure Sanitization solution. They are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on their way to the customer, using PURE products Far-UV light, proven to eliminate everything a wide variety of influenz, virus’s likeCOVID-19 and various other bacteria. The sanitized mobility device is then delivered to the traveler’s cruise terminal or ship cabin.

Norwegian and Carnival cruise lines will offer the new Scootaround Pure Sanitization process immediately, with other cruise lines likely to follow.

“With Pure Products, we work to understand what our clients need first, and then we provide the solution they need,” said PCL’s Special Projects Operations Lead, Chad Keuler. “Our culture is safety driven and we always take a safety-first approach. We focus on building stronger, safer and better communities, so this solution for Scootaround came naturally. We work hard so our customers thrive”

The technology behind Pure Vehicle Sanitization is UL certified and meets or exceeds the new standard of safety for vendors providing products and services to cruise lines. In fact, the World Health Organization supports the use of real-time active sanitization versus mechanical cleaning and confirms Far-UV light is safe for human exposure. The new enhanced hygiene is part of the 360-degree safety guarantee from the mobility experts at Scootaround.

"We're thrilled about the return of safe cruising and proud to contribute to the cruise industry's safety protocols by introducing Pure Sanitization for Scootaround rentals," said Kerry Renaud, CEO & Managing Director at Scootaround Inc. "Our dual mission is to ensure travelers' health and safety while also providing for a seamless journey for our customers throughout their travel experience. Offering sanitized personal mobility devices that allow people peace of mind to travel is just one more way that Scootaround is supporting our cruise clients in helping to provide that.”

You can learn more about Pure Products and its other applications here.


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The largest provider of mobility devices in North America, Scootaround has corporate offices in the US and Canada with headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Scootaround and its parent company, WHILL, are focused on helping people with mobility issues increase their freedom and independence. Scootaround offers rental, sales, and repair services for mobility devices at over 2,500 locations, with a network of associates and dedicated locations across North America and Europe.